Perfume Supplier Malaysia - Best pure perfume pati, perfume bottle packaging supplier for your perfume business in Malaysia. Cosmetic Bottle are also available. If you have any question, kindly contact us at 012-5757677 Alan, 0172071662 Jason.

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Perfume BottleTTS Cosmeceuticl Trading sells high quality car perfume bottles, spray perfume bottles, roll on perfume bottles at wholesale price direct from factory. TTS also supplies car perfume fragrance from United Kindom and Fine Fragrance from France.
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Malaysia No.1 car perfume bottles, car perfume, spray perfume bottle, cosmetic bottles packaging, cosmetic jars packaging supplier. All product is selling at wholesale price direct from factory. Lowest price for your cosmetic packaging.

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Spray Perfume Bottle


TTS is selling more than 50 types of spray perfume bottles in ready stock. All spray perfume bottles are selling at wholesale price for all valued customers.

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Pen Perfume Bottle


TTS is the first perfume bottle supplier to supplies pen type perfume bottle in Malaysia in 2010. We have various type of designs to choose.

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Body Perfume oil, Fragrance and Essence


Malaysia best body perfume supplier with lowest wholesale price. All body perfume are pure and non alcohol.
Imported from France. Price is negotiable.

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Roll On Perfume Bottles Packaging


We have more than 50 types of roll on perfume bottles for ready stock. We also guarantee the lowest price for all roll on perfume bottles for our valued customers from entire Malaysia. Best Price For You!

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Car Perfume Bottle


We are the top car perfume bottle supplier in Malaysia. TTS supply very good quality car perfume bottle and perfume oil for car use directly from factory in England.

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Car Perfume


We are Malaysia experienced and largest one stop car perfume supplier. All quality and friendly service are guaranteed. Call us for more details.

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Perfume Bottle 4ml


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Perfume Bottle 7ml,8ml and 9ml


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Perfume Equipment


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Minyak Kasturi


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Cosmetic BottleTTS Cosmeceuticl Trading is the best cosmetic bottle packaging supplier for your cosmetic business. All cosmetic bottles and jars, cosmetic soft tube, airless pump bottles, cosmetic bag and pouch are direct from manufacturer. TTS also provides bottle printing services such as silk screen printing and hot stamping.
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We provide one stop solution for the cosmetic packaging. We are selling cosmetic jars, cosmetic lotion bottle, cosmetic serum bottles at wholesale price in Malaysia.

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Cosmetic Bottles and Cosmetic Jar


Can you find a trusted cosmetic bottle and cosmetic jar supplier in Malaysia? We supply high quality bottle and jar at wholesale price and friendly customer service.

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Cosmetic Airless Pump Bottles


Professional supplier of airless pump bottle for various kinds of size and design. We offer best price and quality in Malaysia.

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Lip Gloss / Lip Matte / liptint Container


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BB Cushion Container


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Loose Powder Case


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Cosmetic Soft Tube


Malaysia leading cosmetic soft tube wholesale supplier. Lowest price in Malaysia.

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Cosmetic Bag And Box Packaging


It is inconvenient for those manufacturer who want to produce cosmetic products without cosmetic bag. Therefore, TTS import different types of cosmetic bag and bottles for the convenience of customers. All quality are guaranteed.

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Essential Oil Bottle And Vape Bottle


TTS supplies high quality essential oil bottle and vape bottle in all colors and sizes. All bottle are direct imported from factory oversea and selling at wholesale price.

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Capsule Container


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Lipstick Case Packaging


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Mascara Bottle Packaging


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Serum Bottle


Various kinds of serum bottle are available now.

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Cosemtic Bottles Jars Printing


We are leading and professional cosmetic bottles and cosmetic jars printing supplier in Malaysia. We provide the best silk screen printing service in Malaysia.

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